We make your mouth feel alive!

Cutch’s Feisty Food Co. makes premium craft hot sauces and other cantankerous concoctions in small batches, by hand for people who like food with edgier flavor. Feisty means Cutch’s smacks your food with a roundhouse kick of flavor depth not just heat. And we work hard to make all our feistiness gluten free, vegan, and with clean ingredients so everyone can love it. When we leave you sweating, is it from the heat or do you just want more?!

  • "I just want you to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, the Campfire Mayo!"

  • "Lava sauce on my eggs is life changing. It has a tanginess to it that I really dig!"

  • "When I wake up feeling dangerous, I reach for a bottle of Cutch's hot sauce!"

  • Our Story

    Cutch's Feisty Food was started by a father-son duo who are like the Batman and Robin of the spice world, but with more flavor and less spandex. We're on a mission to light a fire to your taste buds (ok, maybe just slightly singe).

    Stuck with either the bland, vinegar based mass market swill or the "holy sh*t" death sauce that nobody actually uses, we decided to step into the ring and get cookin'.

    After many fiery debates and only a few kitchen disasters, we finally settled on our first product, Lava Sauce. Only problem we faced was hot sauce didn't work on some foods. So we said "Screw it, let's crank up the rest of our pantry"!

    If you're like us and want to make your taste buds jump like a tap-dancing flamingo, give our stuff a try.